Yat’s Power was authorized as the exclusive sales and after-sales agent of the
products of Italy PRAMAC GROUP at Hong Kong and Macau areaThe exclusive sales(HK-MC)
Yat’s Power also authorized as the after-sales agent of the product of Italy Fiat
Powertrain Technologies Management Company Limited.The after-sales agent
Yat's Power Company Limited was authorized by VOLVO PENTA (Shanghai) Engine Company Limited as Volvo Penta China Port Equipment Service AllianceEquipment Service Alliance


According to need for continuous development from user and society, we make selection of internationally renowned brands and meet the emission standard requirements of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department in compliance with European EU111A phase of the Generator Standard requirements to provide users with quality, performance, value of the optimal combination of products.



PRAMAC and FPT industrial have a strong technical research and development capabilities. They also have the world’s leading technology patents. In area of professional technology, they are in the highest position of the industry with more quality assurance.


Primary Selling Price

As the authorized sole agent, Yatseng has been provided with the primary selling price by PRAMAC and FPT industrial. Compared with other manufacturers of the same products at home or abroad, the products performance of PRAMAC and FPT industrial are more excellent. Also compared with the same price of brand products at home and abroad, the products of PRAMAC and FPT industrial are more cost effective.


Technical Support

Each year the manufacturers have number of team training arrangements for our staff so that they can more accurate understand any new product trends and also have a higher and more accurate grasp of technology for the existing products.


Abundant Product

Yatseng is acting as agent for diversified international brands. In order to meet customer needs, we have set up warehouse inventory of a large number of spare parts for the convenience of customers at any time to transfer the parts at the fastest speed possible.


Effective after sale service

Yatseng is fully equipped with a professional maintenance team plus a self-owned factory for processing parts to provide customers with the most complete warranty service. We are also equipped with dozens of outgoing maintenance and engineering vehicles capable of arriving in the shortest possible time for customer repair service.

Company Advantage

Professional team to provide service in a speedy and thoughtful way -Since 1995 the year of setting up business, the company has developed from a size of less than 10 staff member repair team to a size of over 100 staff member professional repair team.In area of service after sale, we have a team of high level engineers with proven qualification plus a staff force fully experienced in mechanical repair being available for service. In addition, we also have a team of professional marketing and management staff with a driving sales force.

Sufficient inventory in stock to provide speedy delivery of spare parts-The company has close connection and co-operation with the world’s well-known manufacturers and suppliers of generators, engines, pallet cars, forklifts and spare parts and is able to provide good quality machinery and spare at competitive prices. In addition we also have sufficient inventory of mechanical spare parts in stock to provide speedy delivery and timely after sale service to clients.

Strength of Brand, Excellent quality of productsThe company has a series of engine products from well- known brands such as PRAMAC and FPT from Italy, VOLVO PENTA from Swede, DEUTZ from Germany, CUMMINS from USA, PERKINS from United Kingdom, DOOSAN from Korea, WUXI Power, Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited etc.

FPT industrial

FPT industrial is the subsidiary of CNH industrial GROUP, with focus on engine design, production, and sale for road and off-road vehicles, ships and Generators.FPT currently employs 8,400 people worldwide with 10 factories, 6 research development centers, as well as 100 distributors in 100 countries with around 1,3000 service sites and can meet different application needs of global users on engine users on engine power series.

Advantage of FPT products

FPT industrial of Italy is the subsidiary of CNH industrial GROUP, with focus on development, production and sale of all kinds of engine power series for use of road machinery, off-road machinery, ship and Generator System.

The company employs 8,400 people worldwide being located in 10 factories and to research and development centers. We have a total of 93 distributors and more than 899 After Sale service points in more than 100 countries. Products can be used in many areas.We have 6 engine series with power rate range from 20 to 825 HP and the highest output power rate from 300 to 500 Nm. Products can be used in many application areas.FPT is very concerned about research work. On this behalf, its product technology has a leading position in the market. Since the Group’s 10 factories, 6 research centers marketing network are located throughout 100 countries, so the research work can make use of this advantage to help share market information with each other, and at the same time absorb the experience and professional expertise of each place to achiever 24 hour synergistic effect in research work.

In addition, through marketing network and business partners around the world, the Group provides customers with excellent after-sale service.


FPT Parts

FPT Power Generation

FPT 發動機


The PRAMAC GROUP with its production and sale volume ranks third in Europe also ranks fifth in the world as manufacturer in Generator.

The Headquarter of PRAMAC GROUP is located in Siena of Italy. After the merger in year 2000, the GROUP owns an asset of 90,000,000 Euro Dollars. The GROUP has 243 employees in Italy with global employees reaching 6,000 people, and the branch office located in countries and regions such as U.K., France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, USA, Senegal, China, HK, and Singapore.

The GROUP also has production base in Italy, USA, UK, Brazil, Spain and France. Products are sold to more than 18 countries and regions. Major customers are centralized in Central South America and Europe.

In area of Generator, the GROUP provides power solution at different occasions, either as backup power supply during occasion that electricity cannot be supplied in the grid, or to provide a sustained and stable supply on occasion when power supply cannot be interrupted. Also as a backup supply protection at home, at work or at entertainment.

The GROUP can provide design, production, and installation for Portable or fixed standard Generator under 1 to KVA complete series.The GROUP can also design solution for any special requirement made by customers.

The PRAMAC GROUP and Yatseng can provide different types of Power Solution for you.

Brand Name Agent

Several brand names join in Alliance, such as PRAMAC and FPT from Italy, VOLVO PENTA from Sweden, DEUTZ from Germany, CULMMINS from USA, PERKINS from UK, DOOSAN from Korea, WUXI POWER, Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited, etc. of well-known Generator brands in alliance with the world class and China’s first class quality Generator series from STANFORD, MARATHON, Fuzhou, GATEWAY, FARADAY Brands.

FPT INDUSTRIAL Groupwww.fptindustrial.com

PRAMAC Group www.pramac.com

VOLVO PENTA www.volvopenta.com

FPT Powertrain Technologies


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